For many years the Gitur family have been synonymous with computer network installations and project management. With over 50 years’ experience working with many large corporate and SME companies we are proud to be one of the best in our sector.


Gitur Projects was founded in 1966 by Ranveer Gitur; Ranveer studied at Leicester University and is a leading name in computer networking.  Ranveer has been followed in the family business by both his sons Muhammed and Abdullah, the next generation have added value to the skill sets that the company offers.

Our Services


Within any organisation big or small, the ability to communicate fast and efficiently is fundamental to any company.  Our IT service can ensure that we offer a complete service including:

  • ·         Data network planning and installation.
  • ·         Data cabling solutions including cat5/6 and fibre optic.
  • ·         Expansion of network and coms room design and installation.
  • ·         Data cabinets and cabling repairs and replacement.
  • ·       Internet connection.


Project Management

If you are designing a new office, factory, school or university we have the skills to help you get the most from your facility.

Networks are critical to any business or organisation, the rising demand on the networks by devices and data running through a network are fundamental to the installation.

In the design and planning stage it is imperative to understand the user engagement. Modern forms of engagement include wireless, satellite and mobile technologies, all need to be considered when designing and planning networks.



All of our technology supports the most popular operating systems including Windows, Apple, Android and servers such as Linux.

Our structured cabling installations provide the backbone to a fast and reliable network using the latest technology.


Cat5 and Cat5e

Most networks are installed by Cat5 and Cat5e, this gives transfer speed up to 1000mbps.


Where faster transfer speeds are required Cat6 can provide 10000mbps.

Fibre Optic

Fibre optic offers near infinite bandwidth, usually running as the backbone to your network, or to connect adjoining buildings – ideal for long runs as it is robust and requires little maintenance.

Other Services

  • ·         Wireless solutions for Hotels, Apartments and Harbours including technology for boats.
  • ·         Router and Firewall Installations and configuration.
  • ·         VPN and VOIP protocol installation
  • ·         Anti-Virus Solutions
  • ·         Data Backup Solutions
  • ·         Secure emails
  • ·         IPCCTV installs
  • ·         IP CCTV management and installation





Every project is different, we work closely with our clients to provide the most cost effective and efficient solution to their requirements.